Private Proxies Switcher Login Screen

Private Proxies Switcher
Firefox Extension*

Switch between multiple private proxies quickly and easily!

*Requires a paid account on!



You can install this simple extension in just 5 seconds. Additional software is not required.


Install, enter your username and password, and go Proxying!


You can add a note to any available private proxy. Organize your work!

See Country

You can find out the country of proxy before using.

How it work? 4 simple steps:

1. Register at Proxy-Spider

You can create an account at this link.

2. Buy any Private Proxies plan

Our Private Proxies plans are presented here.

3. Install Our Firefox Extension

Install our Firefox Extension from official Firefox extensions market. It's free. Proxy-Spider Proxy Switcher.

4. Enter your Proxy-Spider login and password

Click to the Extension Icon, enter your Proxy-Spider login and password, click "Sign In". It's all set.

Let’s get started!

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