Private Proxies Switcher Login Screen

Private Proxies Switcher
Chrome Extension*

Switch between multiple private proxies quickly and easily!

*Requires a paid account on!



You can install this simple extension in just 5 seconds. Additional software is not required.


Install, enter your username and password, and go Proxying!


You can add a note to any available private proxy. Organize your work!

See Country

You can find out the country of proxy before using.

How it work? 4 simple steps:

1. Register at Proxy-Spider

You can create an account at this link:

2. Buy any Private Proxies plan

Our Private Proxies plans are presented here:

3. Install Our Chrome Extension

Install our Chrome Extension from official Google chrome extensions market. It's free. Proxy-Spider Proxy Switcher.

4. Enter your Proxy-Spider login and password

Click to the Extension Icon, enter your Proxy-Spider login and password, click "Sign In". It's all set.

Let’s get started!