Residential Proxies API Documentation

API Endpoint:
Required Parameters: api_key (your service api key) and action
API Methods:
get_proxiesget proxies list
get_credentialsget proxies credentials (username / password)
get_authorized_ipsget list of authorized ips
set_authorized_ipsset list of authorized ips (authorized_ips=ip,ip,...)
reset_sessionreset session (detach IP from session)
blacklist_sessionblacklist session (add current device to blacklist)
reset_blacklist_sessionreset blacklist sessions (clean blacklist)
session_infoget session info by session ids (comma separated)
rotating_sessionenable or disable rotating for session
get_service_usage_reportget usage report of current service for current month
service_infoget information of the current service (name, available bandwidth)