Random new IP on each connection port & Sticky Sessions

Port will automatically assign your connection a new unique IP for every thread / connection your software uses. Use long IP proxy sessions that enable you to complete a sequence of requests before rotating to a new IP.

Automatic & Instant Delivery

By purchasing access to our system you will gain instant access to thousands of private rotating IP addresses. We have a continuously growing IP base and extensive repository of over 600,000+ monthly unique IP addresses.

What makes Proxy-Spider different

We allow you to access all of our IPs which is around 100,000 unique daily Rotating IP addresses and more than 600,000 unique monthly Rotating IP addresses.

Unlimited bandwidth

You get unlimited bandwidth. No hidden costs, no limits on bandwidth.

Money Back Guarantee

Try our rotating proxies 100% risk free. If you are not happy with the service, email us within 2 hours* (see refund policy) after purchase was made to get a full refund.

Control Panel

Fully automated control panel enables easy management of your private rotating proxies, authenticated IPs and user/pass.

We have an average of 208954 private proxies online over the past 24 hours
Private Rotating & Sticky Proxies Enterprise - Pricing

1 month
0% off

3 months
5% off


6 months
7% off

12 months
10% off

*Pricing is based on the amount of max connections (threads) you can make through our servers.
The more "Max Connections" you have, the more jobs / web requests you can complete faster.

About Our Service

Please read

We provide "gateway proxy ports", this means you only need to load your proxies into your application once. All of the proxy rotating is done on our end through our servers.

Proxy GEO Locations

All of our proxies are routed through a central access point allowing you to use IPs from over 40 different countries including: United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Russia, Europe & more! GEO ports included.

What you get after paying

Control panel with ip/port list and login / password. Each provided port is mapped to a specific country, for example, port 10380 is mapped to the Italian IPs pool, port 10012 is mapped to the Belarusian IPs pool, port 10840 is mapped to the US IPs pool, etc. Also you will get access to Worldwide Residential / Mobile and US DataCenters rotating pools. You can find more detailed information on your control panel. You can also specify a list of IP addresses authorized to access this pool. These proxies are best for crawling, WHOIS requests, or any task that requires a large number of unique IP addresses and GEO locations, such as SEO.

How it works

We provide access to two different systems. The first system allows you to connect through a single port and each connection you make automatically uses a new fresh IP address. The second system allows you to use a Sticky IP Sessions (proxy).

Sticky IP Addresses

This port will keep the same proxy exit node static for 7 minutes. This allows you to complete a sequence of requests using the same IP address.

Rotating Port

Each connection you make through this proxy port will automatically use a different outgoing IP and is designed to allow you to use tens of thousands of proxies in seconds.

Proxy Network Architecture

The service integrates with your software using the normal HTTP(s) proxy protocols and will work with all existing software. We provide “gateway” proxy ports that allow you to use a different exit node IP address upon each connection.

Customers use our service with all types of software

Generally speaking our proxies will work with any kind of software that supports HTTP proxies. Below is a list of software that we have either personally tested our proxies with or have had our users report it working perfectly fine.
Developers can also integrate our service using standard HTTP or HTTPs protocols.

Powerful API

get_proxiesget proxies list
get_proxies_detailsget proxies details list
get_credentialsget proxies credentials (username / password)
get_authorized_ipsget list of authorized ips
set_authorized_ipsset list of authorized ips (authorized_ips=ip,ip,...)
get_current_threads_countget count of current threads
subscriptionget information of the current service (name, price, next pay date)

Example request using proxy “new IP on every request”

terminal — bash — 80x25

complete at 0.0011 s; cached: 1; cache enable: truekd2b9a1de2f06b7da01ae999c9dbc961d568939c7.html